Street Charms are done by tapping on a person walking outside of your cafe and selecting 'Street Charm'. By doing this you initiate the 'Street Charm Mode'.

Street Charm Mode Edit

Street Charm

Inside of the Street Charm Mode you will find 3 hearts at the bottom of your screen with the numbers 1, 2 & 3 in them. Each number represents a part of the street charm.

As you make a correct statement to the person you selected, the hearts will fill. 3 Correct answers makes a success. 1 incorrect answer and it results in a fail.

Regular Passerby Edit

The correct conversations depend on what the person you selected is wearing. As there are a lot of combinations, it is difficult to put a complete list of all the responses that will result in a success.

Special Guests Edit

Special Guests are guests that once you get past the street charm stage, they will be seen in your cafe rather than on the street. For more information on Special Guest conversations, please visit their pages.

Special Guest's Names