Coffee Beans are needed to make the various coffee drinks through out the game.

Obtaining New Coffee Bean Types Edit

Coffee Beans unlock at certain levels.

Please note that the only way to acquire Panama Esmeralda is by using coffee cherries to purchase the current special box in the special shop (prizes from the special box are randomly given) or by completing 7 daily tasks (prizes from a weeks worth of daily tasks are randomly given).

You can unlock an new bean types early by spending Cash.

Leveling Up Coffee Beans Edit

Fortunately, Coffee Beans do not require leveling up.

Main Store Coffee BeansEdit

Bean Type Time to make Cost to make XP Gained Quantity Gained Level Required
Brazil Santos 45s 3 2 7 1
Mexico Altura 5min 30 5 45 3
Costa Rica Tarruza 1hr 210 18 300 4
Guatemala Antigua 12hr 840 43 1050 5
Ethiopia Sidamo 6hr 720 32 800 5
Indonesia Mandheling 30min 158 15 175 13
Hawaii Kona 2hr 315 40 450 15
Colombia Supremo 4hr 585 36 650 18
Jamaica Blue Mountain 8hr 891 48 990 21
Kenya AA 3hr 490 54 560 25
Panama Esmeralda 3min 0 150 1,000 1

Second Store Coffee BeansEdit

Your second store does not make any specific type of coffee bean. However, the amount of coffee beans you obtain from your second store depends on the size of the coffee roaster you use.

The more expensive the coffee roaster, the more beans you will get.